New Library Capital Campaign – Extending into 2017!

coverExtending into 2017!

We have started our new Colby Library Capital Campaign.  Please consider donating to our exciting project!

If you didn’t receive a brochure and would like to, please call the library at 715-223-2000 to request one or stop in to pick up a copy.

Don’t Be Left Out

The Colby Library Capital Campaign has begun!

In October, area businesses received Capital Campaign brochures informing them of the new library building project and asking for Naming Opportunity donations.

In November, people in the communities and surrounding areas of Colby, Abbotsford, Unity, Dorchester, Milan, Curtiss, and Owen were mailed brochures.  Former and current Colby School District staff, library trustees, and Friends of the CPL received copies.

Representatives of the Colby High School classes of 1946-2017 also received letters to encourage them to contact classmates. The CHS Class of 1966 has already pledged to the new building project and will have a Bronze leaf on the Library Giving Tree in the vestibule of the new library. All other graduating classes are being challenged to collect funds so that every class might be represented on the tree.

Local youth organizations were contacted, as one of the Girl Scout troops has already pledged support for the library project. Boy Scouts, 4-H Clubs, youth groups, and school organizations will be invited to show support.

Some adult civic groups have already been offering support, and others will be asked for assistance.

If you have not received a brochure, there are copies available at the library or call 715-223-2000 to have one mailed to you. You can also find a digital copy in the right hand column of this website.

The new Colby Library is a COMMUNITY project. Your donation will be a gift that keeps on giving to present library users and to generations in the future.

Won’t it be interesting to stroll down the aisles of the new library to discover signs and plaques noting businesses the community has supported over the years supporting the library?

Imagine the excitement of a child to find his or her name or the family name on a leaf on the Library Giving Tree!

How touching it will be to see sections of the library or outdoor items named in memory of loved ones who have passed away or in living tribute to special people in the community.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Library Giving Tree was filled with acknowledgements of people, businesses, classes, and clubs from Colby’s past and present?

You can make this happen by supporting the Colby Library Capital Campaign. Don’t be left out—pledge your commitment to Build for the Community…Build for the Future!