Gazebo Grab Fundraiser

PLEASE help the Friends of the CCL raise funds to build a gazebo in back of the library!

Want to help finance the project?

All you need to do is:

  • Come to the library and grab an envelope for the amount you would like to donate.
  • Fill the envelope with that dollar amount. (Cash or Checks to Friends of the CCL.)
  • Write your name/phone number or mark anonymous on the card in the envelope.
  • Optional: Write the reason the number you chose has a special meaning.

      For example:

      You chose #50 because you are celebrating your 50th anniversary.

      You chose #40 because you are turning 40 this year.

      You chose #25 because a someone you know was born on the 25th.

      You chose #90 because a friend/relative will be 90 years old.

      You chose #13 because it is your lucky number.

As an added bonus, 5 of the envelopes have a code for a gift card donated by Forward Bank.  So by choosing to give, you may also receive!!

If all of the envelopes are filled,


will be collected to be used toward the gazebo foundation, building design and materials, construction labor, and landscaping costs.

Thank you for helping to bring a gazebo to the Colby Community Library!

The Friends of the CCL