• 1000 and 2000 Books Before (the end of) Kindergarten

         “1000 Books Before (the end of ) Kindergarten” is open to all families with children from birth through the end of kindergarten.  (While the national program encourages the child to complete the program before entering kindergarten, we are allowing the child to be in kindergarten as long as he/she finishes before the end of kindergarten.)

    An “Old MacDonald’s Farm” binder is available to anyone wishing to be involved in the program.  Designed to encourage reading to young children at home by parents, grandparents, siblings, etc., books checked out at the Colby Public Library are recorded when read to the child.

    When 100 books are read, parents and children bring the binder back to the library for a farm animal sticker, a small prize/treat, and to pick up another set of pages to record the next 100 books.

    When the child reaches 1000 books (anytime before the end of kindergarten), a certificate of achievement and a book prize will be awarded.


    New at CPL: 2000 Books Program

    If you have finished our “1000 Books” program, we are excited to announce

    we have a “2000 Books Before the End of Kindergarten” program for you!

    Based on an “Animals of the Woods” theme, you may pick up a recording

    binder and record books checked out at the Colby Public Library.

    Prizes and stickers are awarded at each 100 book level, with a special

    prize upon completion of the program.

    Stop in at the Colby Public Library to register for the program, pick up a reading binder, and begin a family reading adventure.

    We encourage parents with young children to visit the library for more details, or you may call the library at 715-223-2000 if you have questions.